Innovative Grazing Network – Neighbours Unite

The Innovative Grazing Network allows local graziers to collaborate, learn and share ideas. Contact if you are interested.

Neighbours Unite

Reef Catchments Regional Landcare Facilitator, Juliane Kasiske, and NQ Dry Tropics’ Lisa Hutchinson, collaborated to bring a local ‘Beef Day’ to those that could not make it to ‘Beef Week’.

Presentations on biosecurity, drones, soil health, and strengthening the local grazing community attracted 24 farmers, community group members, and industry representatives.

They day was held at the Nyoola grazing property near Bowen.

What would life be like as a bacteria?

The event started with informative shed talks and, just for something different a role play facilitated by agricultural ecologist, David Hardwick. This activity asked the interested participants to imagine what life would be like if you were a plant, or maybe a bacteria. Imagine soil, its inhabitants and what their relationships would be like and have been for millions of years. For a plant to live it needs water, sunlight, C02 and nutrients and through natural processes it has been able to harness the essential elements to life. David’s role play highlighted that a plant can not just be fed (i.e. application of nutrients) but rather its environment and relationships with soil organisms is crucial to allow the plant to take up nutrients that have undergone natural processes to become available (i.e. soluble).

Drone excitement

Whitsunday Regional Council excited attendees with a drone demonstration, and Whitsunday Landcare contributed their vast plant knowledge during the paddock walk. The functions of UAV/drones were explored, including how drones can assist in mapping and treating weeds and how this technology can add value to your farming business.

Reef Catchments’ Juliane Kasiske said allowing graziers the time to network, collaborate and view new ideas was essential.

“This fosters connections, and helps drive innovation. It’s a chance to come together and connect around information that can be used in property management and change.”

She said the event was also beneficial to community groups.

“The get-together enabled members of community networks to raise awareness about their activities, and potentially expand their membership – for example Simon Mattsson, cane farmer and Chairman of the farmer-driven soil health group, Central Queensland Soil Health Systems.”

If you are a landholder or member of a community group and would like to receive invitation to future Reef Catchments events, please contact

Here is a drone demonstration of the upcoming Freckle Farm Tour. Click here for details and to RSVP.

This event was proudly supported by Reef Catchments through funding from the Australian Government National Landcare Programme, and with support from event partners NQ Dry Tropics.