Furrow-closer on the cards

Jun 27, 2018 | ,
Ian Brooks from Reef Catchments and Ryan Axiak.
Reef Catchments Ian Brooks (left) presents the award, received on the family’s behalf by son Ryan Axiak, who actively works on the family farm.

Congratulations to Fred, Janelle, and Ryan Axiak – recent winners of the Reef Catchments Practice Adoption Award at the Plane Creek Productivity Services (PCPS) Productivity Awards Night.

Fred tells us more about what they’ll be doing toward reduced fertiliser use – including using a furrow-closer they have manufactured.

“This year we’re going to go from using liquid one shot on top of the ground, to putting our fertiliser in the ground. We decided to give it a go to try something different and basically we’re aiming to use less fertiliser.

“It is more work for us, but we’re hoping to perhaps grow our cane with a little less nutrients and cut out the losses.”

In addition, the Axiak’s have manufactured their own furrow-closer – with the design plan provided by SRA and EHS manufacturing.

“There’s a lot of stool splitters around but they can still leave the furrow and the ground open. If you get rain, you can still lose a lot of fertiliser,” Fred said.

“Furrow-closers come along behind the disc openers and fill the furrow in. We’re hoping it will make a bit of a difference. We manufactured it ourselves mostly because of the cost. We estimated we could manufacture it for about half the cost.”