Eungella a growing food bowl

Eungella has the beginnings of a food bowl. The area has multiple garlic growers, beef producers and a dairy.

Eungella Finger Limes is located on Bee Creek at an altitude of 650m. Grower Jock Hansen, says there is untapped potential in Eungella.

“With a subtropical climate we can grow produce that is usually grown in South East Queensland and northern New South Wales. We can harvest and deliver this produce fresh to supplement the tropical produce available in the Pioneer Valley,” he said.

Jock is enthusiastic about farming in Eungella for many reasons. With high and consistent rainfall, there is little need for regular irrigation of crops. The surrounding rainforests ensure clean air and the soils are free-draining, nutritious and high in minerals.

Jock and his wife purchased the lantana infested bush block in 2014 and transformed it into an orchard. They place a strong emphasis on producing food with sound ecological practices. They chose not to use synthetic pesticides or fertilisers, and instead make mild manure-based fertilisers and compost teas to maintain soil nutrition.

In 2017, Reef Catchments assisted Jock with riparian tree planting to stabilise the creek banks to stop erosion, with the planting of wetland species along the bank of a high-flow system.

Jock has become a member of the Horticulture Working Group which discusses important changes in best practice.