Holistic Management in Grazing Systems

Cow owned by graziers who attended an holistic workshop at ProserpineBrian Wehlburg of Inside Outside Management delivered a workshop at Proserpine to more than 20 interested graziers on the principles of holistic management. Brian has been a holistic management certified educator for nearly 15 years and comes from a diverse background as a farm manager in Africa and Australia.

In the workshop Brian raised and questioned the issue of conventions, beliefs, and paradigms that have been taught about land degradation, and potential causes of certain grazing practices. He emphasised that to be a sustainable grazier it was necessary to focus on what was free which includes sunlight, minerals, biology, and water. To reduce costs and make better use of the free resources it was important to think of better ways to manage them. A prime example, in particular with forecasts for reduced rain due to the El Niño, was to focus more on how to manage the rain that was available.

“Its not about how much rain that we get its about how we manage that rain to make the most of it for us, our farming system and the environment,” he said.

Participants at a workshop for graziers

Participants on the day enjoyed the presentation and considered the concepts interesting, informative and thought provoking. The majority of graziers were keen to undertake further training in holistic management. Sharon Dallas, a grazier near Yalboroo said they had been introduced to holistic management a few years before at an Allan Savory seminar and the latest workshop presented a wealth of information which was very enjoyable.

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