Reef Catchments Grazing Programme provides financial assistance and support to the graziers of the Mackay, Whitsunday, and Isaac regions. The primary focus of the programme is to assist graziers in the implementation of grazing practices that benefit both the landscape and improves the long-term viability of the grazier’s farm as a more efficient agricultural operation. The programme is strongly focused on increasing the adoption of targeted grazing activities, leading to a reduction in sediment and nutrients entering the Great Barrier Reef lagoon. It is delivered by Reef Catchments through funding from the Queensland and Federal governments.

Queensland Government Natural Resources Investment Program
Grazing Management Activities
(Maximum of $10,000 total incentive per landholder)
Landholder must complete Property Planning (Current Practice Booklet)
Grazing operation must be run as a commercial business as per ATO requirements.

Riparian Management
Riparian fencing
Riparian off-stream waterng points
Riparian weed control
Riparian revegetation

Gully Management
Gully remediation

Land Type Management
Land type fencing
Land type watering points

Pasture Improvement Activities
Reseeding of pasture species and weed control

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Reef Catchments grazing Reef Catchments grazing Reef Catchments grazing Reef Catchments grazing

Graziers in the Mackay Whitsunday Isaac (MWI) region face unique challenges as beef producers in a coastal and Central Queensland climate. By land use, in the MWI area, grazing accounts for 42 percent of the region.

Grazing remains an important and valuable industry, with opportunity and potential to improve and grow more sustainable efficiencies.

Cattle in Mackay.

Opportunities exist for landholders to receive support, funding and resources through the Queensland Government’s Natural Resource Investment Program for grazing projects related to:

• Riparian fencing and off-stream watering points
• Riparian revegetation and rehabilitation

• Pasture renovation
• Gully remediation and erosion control
• Property planning

Eligible landholders can receive incentives of up to 40 percent of the total cost of implementing an approved activity, to a maximum of $10,000 per landholder.

To be eligible, the landholder must be considered a grazing business as per the criteria listed by the Australian Taxation Office.

Further information about the programme. To find out more about how you can be involved, please contact Mandy.

Key Contacts

Mandy Jeppesen.Mandy Jeppesen

Position: Project Officer – Grazing Systems
Ph: (07) 4968 4234
M: 0407 171 046
E: Mandy Jeppesen

Tegan McBride.
Tegan McBride

Position: Project Officer – Sustainable Agriculture
Ph: (07) 4968 4226
M: 0408 904 036
E: Tegan McBride