Goanna Brewing – Horticulture Field Day and Farm Tour

Oct 5, 2017 |

NRM Reef Catchments Goanna Brewery field day

This tour is to demonstrate the opportunities in niche markets that are available to horticulturists, strengthening our regional food networks.

Linda Palmer, Chief Bottle Washer at Goanna Brewery and farmer will discuss their philosophy and process for using local produce that may have otherwise gone to waste, as well as home-grown lychees, mangoes, bananas and citrus. They also compost hops from the brewery to fertilise crops.

We will also hear from Luke Hargreaves from Growcom, a Vortex insect control system demonstration by Penny and Charlie Curnow and learn how to create a compost tea.

RSVP: Please let us know if you will be attending before the 23 Oct 2017 by contacting Deb Wilkinson on reception@reefcatchments.com or 4968 4200.

TRANSPORT: A bus will take you from Reef Catchments at 7.30am.

BRING: Please bring a hat, water bottle, closed in shoes.