Reef Catchments Sustainable Forestry

Reef Catchments is working with community and industry to promote sustainable forestry in the Mackay Whitsunday Isaac region.

Recent activity
The above video. about our trial site in Eungella, outlines the challenges faced by forestry in cyclone-prone regions throughout much of coastal Queensland. Together with our project partners, Pioneer Catchment and Landcare, we have researched methods of forestry, which may provide an alternative in our region.

Syntropic Farming 

Regenerative Agroforestry method called Syntropic Farming uses principles from natural systems to combine agriculture and agroforestry. There are many benefits both economic and ecological where forestry plots are also planted with small crops and follow a natural succession of planting. This method allows the landholder to receive an income from 3 months after planting and fully grown forestry trees in the longer term. Read the article from a recent attendance at a Syntropic Farming workshop at a working farm in Tolga on the Atherton Tablelands, which had been destroyed by two previous cyclones and rebuilt using Syntropic Farming as a model to make their farm more resilient. Register your interest to find out more or to express interest in attending a workshop in the future.

Current activities include

  • Facilitation of the Regional Forestry Working Group
  • Partnering with landholders, industry members and Landcare to run local sustainable forestry demonstration trials
  • Coordinating field trips and information days to promote sustainable forestry in the Mackay Whitsunday Isaac region
  • Review of existing forestry trials in the Mackay Whitsunday Isaac region, Reef Catchments led, supported by the Regional Working Group

Developed sustainability frameworks alongside industry members and landholders for plantation forestry and native forestry

Native Forestry Sustainability Guide 2018

Plantation Forestry Sustainability Guide 2018








Previous Forestry Events

Trials and Demonstration – current, 2017


Timber plantation in Eungella west of Mackay.

Key Contact – Tegan McBride

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