Healthy soil symposium and field day

Healthy soil is vital for a productive, prosperous, and healthy future in agriculture.

Start date: 26 November 2020
Duration: 2 days
Time: 9am
Cost: Free
Location: Windmill Motel and Freckle Farm
Graeme Sait speaker for Reef Catchments.

Healthy soil is vital for a productive, prosperous and healthy future in agriculture.

Come along to Reef Catchments Healthy Soil Symposium and Field Day to enhance your knowledge of this vital area and take the opportunity to network with others.

The first day of this event will be a symposium which will be held at the Windmill Motel on Thursday 26 November. Speakers will be:

Graeme Sait – Nutri-Tech

Graeme will present on the soil food web, the importance of humates, and nutrient balancing

Chris Dench – Reef Catchments

Chris will talk about what local soil conservation projects have done to reduce sediment loss

Paul Rogers – Land manager

Paul will share examples on how to implement sustainable farming practices in cane and grazing

Registration check-in will be at 9am. Talks will end at 3pm, followed by a film screening ending at 5pm.


The second day will be a field trip to the Freckle Farm on Friday 27 November.

It will be an insight into a biological integrated farming system with a focus on their recent multispecies trial. A demonstration on brewing microbes and on monitoring progress will be shared.

Please note: a map to the meeting site will be provided closer to the date. The location will not be at the main farm entrance of Freckle Farm.

Registration check-in for the field day is at 9am, and the day runs until 3pm.


If you would like to attend the symposium and/or the field day, please register by Friday 20 November or phone Reef Catchments on 07 4968 4200.