Grazing Forum 2021

Reef Catchments announces the annual Grazing Forum will go ahead this year. You can join in on day one of the forum and day two for the field trip.

Start date: 22 April 2021
Duration: 6 hours
Time: 9 a.m.
Cost: Free
Location: Windmill Motel
Judy the cow

The Annual Grazing Forum is the region’s key grazing event. It is an opportunity to mingle and learn with like-minded people.

This year’s focus is on identifying signs of erosion, along with processes and management options commonly found in the region. From a grazing perspective, we will be sharing advice around sound land management strategies and cattle nutrition.

Geoff Titmarsh and John Day will give expert advice on erosion control and soil conservation, prevention and rehabilitation, while Jim Fletcher will provide a practical and local perspective on how to improve land condition and how it benefits cattle nutrition and overall productivity.

This event is proudly supported by Reef Catchments, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program and the Queensland Government’s Water Quality Program.