Coastal Farming Systems Roadshow 2018 – DAF Event

Coastal Farming Systems Roadshow 2018 – DAF Event


Growers and industry technical staff are invited to join the Coastal Farming Systems team from the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) and guests for a series of meetings being held to discuss the latest research, trial findings and innovative technologies for sugarcane production and what it all means at an on-farm level.

The meetings are open to all growers and industry consultants and will include presentations from Dr Phil Moody (DES) Professor Mike Bell (University of Queensland) DAF extension staff and Bundaberg grower Chris Russo.


Russo’s Nitrogen Bar – demonstration by Chris Russo

Soil health – how to work with the soil you have

Plant nutrition – defining constraints, managing variability, loss pathways and PUYP

Drones – the role of drones and how they can help with intra-paddock variability

Insecticides – ID cane grub and strategic insecticide applications

Demonstrations – Stoolzippa, Dual Herbicide Sprayer and nozzle patterns

Trial updates – EEF and N trials and Controlled Traffic trials

Dates, times and places:


8:30am to 4:00pm West Tigers Clubhouse, 10 Branscombe Road, Walkerston

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