Turtle season upon us again

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Newly hatched baby turtles
Giving our turtles the space they need is critical during nesting season, and helps ensure they can keep returning to our shores.

It’s an exciting time of year for turtle-lovers in Mackay and the Whitsundays, as female marine turtles make their way up our local beaches to nest.

Six of the seven species of sea turtle found throughout the world live in Queensland waters, with many calling Mackay home.

To mark the occasion, Reef Catchments is coordinating a ‘Turtle Talk and Beach Walk’ for those interested in learning more about these unique marine creatures.

The walk will be held on Saturday, November 15 at Ball Bay. The evening includes a presentation by the Mackay and District Turtle Watch Association (MDTWA), followed by a free barbecue for hungry walkers.

Places are limited – please contact Reef Catchments to reserve a spot.

Reef Catchments coastal project officer, Claire Bartron, emphasised this was a critical time of the year for turtles.

“Understanding the cycle and making sure we don’t disturb them as they come to shore to nest is crucial to their nesting success,” she said.

“We would encourage anyone wanting to learn more about the marine turtles in our region to take part in the Turtle Talk and Beach Walk and gain insight into how to better share our beaches with our much-loved turtle visitors.”

To book a spot on the walk contact Claire Bartron on M: 0429 155 841 or E: claire.bartron@reefcatchments.com

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