Seagrass Community Monitoring

Every year, volunteers come together to collect citizen science data about five seagrass sites across our region. At the northern sites, this is led by Whitsunday Seagrass Volunteers. Reef Catchments is looking to support a similar volunteer group in Mackay/Isaac to monitor southern sites.

Each site is monitored twice a year for species diversity, biomass, and seagrass health indicators. Volunteers also frequently see dugong feeding trails, octopus, coral and other exciting coastal inhabitants!


Seagrass at Hydeaway Bay.

The sites we currently monitor include:

People checking seagrass.

Seagrass volunteers at Dingo Beach.

• Hydeaway Bay

• Pioneer Bay

• Dingo Beach

• St Helens

• Clairview

Data collected

The data collected during seagrass monitoring is provided to Seagrass Watch HQ which appraises the information. Once data quality is assured, Seagrass Watch HQ analyses the data to make conclusions about the health of the seagrass. Following this a grade is given to the seagrass. This grade is then included in the Mackay Whitsunday Healthy Rivers to Reef Partnership annual report card.

Would you like to volunteer to protect our seagrass?

If you would like to help collect this data, please join one of the Facebook groups for more information, dates, and times, or contact Cass.
Mackay Seagrass Watch Volunteers
Whitsunday Seagrass Watch Volunteers

Key Contact

P (07) 4968 4206
M 0429 155 841
E Cass Hayward