Marine classroom on Scawfell Island

Marine classroom students on beach.Students from Sarina State High School were treated to a trip of a lifetime aboard SV Whitehaven out to Scawfell Island to better understand threatening processes and management of the Great Barrier Reef.

Over three days the students were involved in practical and theoretical activities revolving around reef health assessments, native plant and weed identification, marine debris beach clean ups, and audits.

These activities directly improve the ecological condition of the Island and importantly, encourage and empower students to adopt everyday actions to reduce threats to the reef, biodiversity, and how to lessen the source of contaminants such as plastic.

The Reef Catchments Marine Classrooms program is supported by funding from the Australian Heritage Grants Program, the charter vessel component was funded through the Queensland Government’s Reef Assist Program and delivered by Reef Catchments and SV Whitehaven.