Welcome to the Ecosystem Health Monitoring Database

Why have a monitoring database?

As part of Reef Catchments’ Citizen Science Network the interactive Ecosystem Health Monitoring Database provides a centralised resource to bring together information on environmental monitoring from a range of sources across the Mackay Whitsunday Isaac region.

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The database increases awareness of environmental monitoring in the region, helps identify where gaps exist and where future efforts may best be directed and will build the capacity of existing programs by highlighting volunteering opportunities.

What does the database contain?

The database aims to incorporate a broad suite of environmental monitoring activities from a range of sources including government agencies, schools, councils, businesses, industry, land managers and volunteer groups. Reef Catchments is inviting other organisations and groups to add information on their ecological monitoring; anyone conducting any kind of environmental monitoring can contribute.

It is important to emphasise that the portal is not designed to supply online access to actual monitoring data, it is simply aimed at communicating concise details and locations of Mackay Whitsunday Issaac ecological monitoring programs.

How will the database be updated?

The Ecosystem Health Monitoring Database will continue to be updated as new monitoring occurs and organisations and community members add their projects. Users can enter the details of their monitoring activities via the online form. A Reef Catchments moderation team will then review and publish submissions.

How can the database be searched?

Users can search the Ecosystem Health Monitoring Database by the type of monitoring being done, by organisation, or chose to view all monitoring being done in the Mackay Whitsunday Isaac region. Map markers will provide a link to more comprehensive information about the selected monitoring program.

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