Students of the sea

Reef Catchments Marine Classroom Program
The Marine Classroom Program offers students an unforgettable learning experience.

Reef Catchments Marine ClassroomReef Catchments Marine Classroom studentsIt’s not your everyday classroom, but the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsunday islands have offered 35 local Mackay students a truly memorable marine lesson.

Students from Sarina State High School and Pioneer State High School took part in an outdoor education adventure as part of the Marine Classroom Program, spending four days on Brampton Island and out and about on the reef.

The Marine Classroom Program, a joint initiative of Reef Catchments and Wild Mob, allows students in the region with a passion for the marine environment to learn about marine science and conservation by getting their hands dirty conducting research and undertaking works with qualified scientists.

Pioneer State High student Tyra Hutchinson said the trip had included her first time snorkelling.

“It was the most incredible experience, I have never seen the reef from such an up-close perspective. You have no idea how much life there is under the water until you see it for yourself! This experience has really highlighted the importance of marine conservation efforts for me,” she said.

Students from Sarina State High remarked that the removal of invasive weed species from the Island with the help of Wild mob staff Phil Hrstich and Amanda Scrivenor helped them see the ‘whole picture’ when it came to both island and coastal conservation efforts.

Sarina State High student Alex Darmody said he enjoyed learning about how removal of invasive weeds could help protect native fauna and flora, as well as the Coast and islands themselves.

“This trip has taught me lessons which I will carry with me for life.”