Photo competition winners for 2016

Apr 17, 2016 |

Competition winners capture the beauty of our Coast

With more than 50 entries in the Capture your Coast photography competition, coast lovers across the Mackay and Whitsunday region
have truly captured the beauty of our beaches and coastline.

Winner Senior Category- Rebina
Senior winner, Rebina Criddle


First prize place-getters in both junior and senior categories snapped up a prize package worth over $200, proudly sponsored by local
Coastcare supporters, Garricks Camera House Mackay, Maria’s Donkey, Pro Paddle Mackay, and Aqua Fun Park Mackay.


Winner of the senior category, with this photograph of the kangaroo at Cape Hillsborough at sunset, was Rebina Criddle.
Fourteen year old Helene Buttigieg won the junior category for her shot (below) of family enjoying Blacks Beach.


Reef Catchments Coastcare Winner Junior Category - Helena Buttigieg
Junior winner, Helen Buttigieg

Reef Catchments Coastal Officer, Jessica Berryman, said the Coastcare Photography Competition attracted some phenomenal entries.

“The competition was an opportunity for residents to showcase the special places and things we are fortunate to have in our backyard. There are so
many beautiful beaches where families, friends and communities enjoy the great outdoors, and the competition was a chance for participants to tell
their stories and memories of our Coast.”

Ms Berryman said the competition also had a deeper message. “Many of the participants submitted short summaries to accompany their images, explaining
how important and rewarding volunteering to protect our Coast can be,” she said.

“For example, our junior winner, Helene Buttigieg, focused on the fact that our beautiful beaches are places of awe and wonder, they bring families together.”

“As Helene so eloquently summarised, our coast is a beautiful place available to be explored by all. We can’t forget however that there are a number
of threats which we can help address to preserve these wonderful places for ourselves and future generations,” Ms Berryman said.

With 2016 just starting, Ms Berryman said she would encourage everyone to contribute to protecting our special coastal environments by volunteering a
few hours over the year at one of many Coastcare events in the region. There are some terrific free events for anyone who wants to be involved. Coastcare events are open to all ages and family friendly, and are a great way to give something back and learn more about the coastal and marine environment.