Mackay 2014 coastal achievements released


Click here to download a PDF copy. Coasts and Communities 2014 key achievements

Coastal works done across the Mackay region in partnership with Mackay Regional Council and the community have been tallied for the year – and the results show an outstanding commitment to our coast.

In 2014, 6680 kilograms of rubbish was removed from Mackay coastal reserves and beaches, equal to the weight of more than 16 full-grown dugongs.

Together, we have managed 557 hectares of coastal environment for invasive weeds and native plant rehabilitation – an area equal in size to 679 soccer fields.

For a full list of coastal achievements in the Mackay region for 2014 CLICK HERE.

Reef Catchments Program Leader, Kerri Woodcock, said these were great results for the Mackay our coast, with the Coasts and Communities Program and Coastcare in place to deliver strategic on-ground outcomes and give people an opportunity to contribute to the health of their beach.

“The work we do on our coast could not happen without a strong commitment from many organisations, local community groups and individuals. Mackay Regional Council are at the forefront of this work, and are responsible for managing all of the public coastal land on which the Coasts and Communities Program works. But we also have many passionate community members who care about our coast enough to take the time to be involved, whether it be through coming along to Coastcare events, monitoring activities, or even picking up litter on their daily beach walks,” she said.

Ms Woodcock said the long term value of on-ground work done to protect, maintain and improve our coast was immense.

“In Mackay, the coast, beaches and reef are a huge part of our lifestyle. The Coasts and Communities Program is a way for us to work together to keep our coast and beaches in shape so future generations can continue to enjoy them.”

Ms Woodcock said education about coastal values and the impacts that human activities can have on our beaches played a major role in helping people understand coastal management activities.

“Coastal rehabilitation works take time, sometimes decades, to reach their full potential so it is very important people understand the long-term benefits they are helping lay the foundations for, even if they can not see them immediately,” she said.

The Coasts and Communities program aims to maintain and improve the condition of more than 20 of the Mackay region’s much-loved beaches. This is done by developing coastal management plans for individual beaches to help map out a path for their long-term sustainability and then implementing the on-ground activities to achieve that.

The program is delivered in partnership with Reef Catchments and Mackay Regional Council.

“Reef Catchments would like to acknowledge and thank Mackay Regional Council for their ongoing commitment to the future of our coast, with more than $800,000 invested into coastal works across the region for the 2015 year ahead. Council’s investment and support of an integrated coastal management program in the region ensures a bright future for the Mackay coast,” Ms Woodcock said.


  • 557 hectares of coastal environment managed for invasive weeds to promote native rehabilitation. That’s the size of 679 soccer fields.
  • 155 dedicated volunteers attended Coastcare activities to improve our region’s beaches.
  • 2,330 native seedlings planted to improve the condition of the coastal environment, replace removed weed species, stabilise dune systems and provide habitat for native animals such as marine turtles and shorebirds.
  • 6,680 kilograms of rubbish removed from our beaches and coastal reserves and prevented from ending up in our waterways and oceans. That’s equal to the weight of almost 17 full grown dugongs.
  • 9 Mackay Regional Council staff working on-ground, committing resources to protect our region’s coast.
  • 19 Coastcare activities held across 6 major beaches to provide opportunities for local residents to care for our coast.
  • 150 beach access tracks maintained to provide safe and clear access to the beach.
  • 275 metres of coastal fencing installed to protect dune rehabilitation areas and define pedestrian access tracks to protect nationally threatened coastal vegetation.
  • 112 beach access signs installed to highlight access points for beach users, helping protect dunes and providing a unique marker for emergency services.
  • 6 Council and Reef Catchments staff working in coastal management planning, compliance, community engagement, monitoring and managing external contractors on our coast.
  • 15 organisations working together to deliver integrated coastal management in the Mackay region.

Coasts and Communities is a joint initiative of Reef Catchments and Mackay Regional Council, with support from the Australian Government the Mackay Regional Council’s Natural Environment Levy.