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Apr 1, 2012 | ,

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This weekend marked the first Mackay Coastal Community Activities of 2012. Volunteers attended events at Ball Bay and Haliday Bay on Saturday 3 March to remove weeds and look after native vegetation.

“The work of these volunteers is incredibly valuable,” said Ms Noni Zahmel, Reef Catchments Project Officer. “Working with the local communities that live at the beaches is a key part of our coastal projects.”

With the support of Mackay Regional Council and Reef Catchments, hundreds of native seedlings were weeded, fertilized, and watered by the community volunteers to improve the condition of the sand dunes.

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Coastal volunteers at Ball Bay
Coastal volunteers at Ball Bay (left to right): Noni Zahmel, Natalie Phayer, Dave Elliot, Tiarn Walters, Jessica Renton, Sal Gray, Lisa Kermode, and Graham Woods.

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Volunteers looking after coastal vegetation at Ball Bay
Volunteers looking after coastal vegetation at Ball Bay

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The seedlings help to stablise the sand dunes and allow them to build up. They also block light pollution for nesting marine turtles, provide habitat for many other animals, and are used to replace invasive species which reduce the condition of our coastal environments.

Coastal Community Activities are designed to help local residents learn about coastal processes, contribute to the improved condition of local dunes and beaches, meet their neighbours, and have fun.

The program seeks to improve the condition and resilience of our coastal environments so that we can continue to enjoy them and so that vulnerable species that rely on these environments for their habitat can be sustained.

In the coming months Coastal Community Activities will be held at Bucasia, Blacks Beach, Shoal Point and Eimeo. “Getting involved in these activities at your local beach is one way that we can all make a difference and look after our coast for future generations,” said Ms Zahmel.

Activities will include dune planting, weeding, watering, and rubbish collection to protect our coastal environments.


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The 2012 Mackay Coastal Community Activities calendar of events is now available. To download a copy of the March to May 2012 calendar visit the Mackay Regional Council website. Alternatively, contact Noni Zahmel at or 49684215. Join us on Reef Catchments Facebook page to receive regular updates on coastal activities.

The Mackay Coastal Community Activities started in 2010 when the first set of Mackay beach plans were adopted. Over 100 people have attended activities across seven Mackay beaches.

Mackay Coastal Community Activities are an initiative under The Coasts and Communities Project, which is supported by Mackay Regional Council and Reef Catchments through the Natural Environment Levy and Australian Government’s Caring for our Country program.


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