Useful tools from climate adaptation workshop

Dec 13, 2016 |


A wide range of regional stakeholders attended a Climate Adaptation workshop at Proserpine including Biosecurity, Queensland Police, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, local government, Traditional Owners, members of conservation organisations, tourism representatives, and energy providers.

The workshop, which covered topics including adapting to a variable and changing climate, managing risks, and identifying opportunities, also saw the launch of the Mackay Whitsunday Isaac (MWI) Climate Sustainability Plan.

“The event drew together stakeholders and provided tools and resources to promote action in climate mitigation and adaptation planning in the region,” said Olivia Broadhurst, Reef Catchments Project Officer for Coasts and Biodiversity.

“One of the points raised was the need for regional targets, including mitigation, and support for adaptation planning through ongoing workshops to refine and implement actions set out in the regions climate plan.”

Participants, who learned about various tools including a risk matrix, workshopped some of the key actions to determine the next steps to plan the implementation.

Olivia said stakeholders would use the climate plan as a tool to write their own climate plans, and for further refining and setting of targets for adaptation and for rolling out implementation in the region.