Katrina Dent

Katrina Dent from Reef Catchments NRM in Mackay

Position: Reef Catchments General Manager

Phone: (07) 4968 4207

Mobile: 0438 115 086

E-Mail: katrina.dent@reefcatchments.com

As General Manager of Reef Catchments Limited, Katrina oversees all facets of Reef Catchments projects and strategic operational planning to optimise natural resource management outcomes in the Mackay Whitsunday Isaac (MWI) region. She is heavily involved with the management and development of all operations staff and functions, and undertakes engagement with stakeholders, partners, members, and investors. Her role also includes identifying and developing business opportunities and potential new partnerships.

With more than 20 years planning experience, Katrina has a strong background working within both local and state government. She has been constantly involved in strategic planning for regional growth, including the drafting and release of the Mackay Whitsunday Isaac Regional Plan, which outlines a 20-year strategic vision for the wider region. Katrina is passionate about the role of NRM as a key contributor to a sustainable community and industries. She coordinates Reef Catchments’ wide range of diverse teams to deliver integrated and tangible NRM outcomes and programs.


Sally Young

Sally Young from Reef Catchments NRM Mackay

Position: Business Manager

Phone: 07 4968 4203

Mobile: 0488 718 018

E-Mail: sally.young@reefcatchments.com

Sally is the Business Manager of Reef Catchments Ltd. She is also Company Secretary, and manages the Corporate Services team. She holds a Bachelor of Business majoring in Accounting and has also completed a Cert IV in Frontline Management.  Sally has significant experience in staff management, as well as senior accounting and commercial management roles in a range of organisations, from both the non-profit and commercial sectors.

Julie Boyd

Position: Chair

Phone: 07 4968 4200


E-Mail: info@reefcatchments.com

Julie-Boyd-website2Julie Boyd was elected Chair of Reef Catchments Limited in 2016. As a former long-serving Mayor of Mackay, the role is an excellent fit for Julie, who has always had an interest and involvement in the natural resources sector.

Julie is Reef Catchments first Chairwoman and is excited to have a hand in protecting our natural environment while supporting the growth aspirations of the regional community.

“Nearly every person wants to protect natural assets but they don’t always know what that means or what they might be able to do. Sustainability is essential to everything that we do. It is not just environmental sustainability but also social and economic sustainability,” Julie said.

“We must be cognizant of our surroundings and the people with whom we interact to ensure that we continue to have a great quality of life without destroying communities and the natural environment.”

Julie was elected as the first female Mayor of the City of Mackay and retained that role for 11 years from 1997 to 2008 when she chose not to recontest the election. She has been involved in Local Government for 16 years.

In her time as Mayor, Julie was involved in and championed many projects linked to the natural resources sector. From the establishment and construction of the effluent reuse scheme, to building new solid waste and recycling facilities, introducing a wildlife/bush land levy, producing a vegetation management plan with extensive mapping, and constructing the botanic gardens to showcase native vegetation, to name a few.

Julie is an experienced company director and has expertise in strategy, governance and the Not for profit sector. She is a Director on several Boards.

Julie lives on a property close to Mackay, where she has undertaken revegetation works, planting 750 trees that are particular to the notophyll vine forest. The property has had a Nature Refuge status for a decade.

Charlie Morgan

Charlie Morgan of Healthy Rivers to Reef

Position: Executive Officer for the Mackay Whitsunday Healthy Rivers to Reef Partnership

Phone: (07) 4964 6130

Mobile: 0457 306 152

E-Mail: charlie.morgan@reefcatchments.com

Charlie is an environmental scientist and project manager who is passionate about all things aquatic. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science (Hons) and a Masters of Applied Science in Protected Area Management. She has spent close to the last 10 years in Queensland (mostly in northern Queensland) working in the environmental sector in both consulting and research roles, with a strong focus on natural resource management in the coastal and marine domain.

Prior to this she was working for the IUCN in Thailand as a project consultant on a number of developing coastal resilience to climate change projects.

Charlie has strong stakeholder engagement capabilities developed during her career to date and she has worked with a number of key Queensland stakeholder groups on whole of catchment issues including representatives of the agricultural, fisheries, industrial, NRM and regulator sectors.

Charlie will be overseeing the implementation of projects, reports and any contracted works associated with the Mackay Whitsundays Healthy Rivers to Reef Partnership including communications, governance and technical support.

Chris Dench

Chris Dench from Reef Catchments NRM in Mackay and the Whitsundays

Position: Coordinator Water, Waterways and Coasts

Phone: (07) 4964 6110

Mobile: 0407 538 724

E-Mail: chris.dench@reefcatchments.com

Chris joined Reef Catchments in 2010 to support and then lead the delivery of Reef Rescue.

Since 2013 Chris has supported delivery of Water programs including Systems Repair, Reef Catchments basin repair projects. Chris is the regional Paddock to Reef Coordinator providing data on the adoption of improved agricultural management practices and leads the intensive agriculture pest management projects.

Chris has experience in project management, ecosystems restoration, project monitoring and evaluation and data management systems.

Michael Boland

Michael Boland from Reef Catchments NRM in Mackay

Position: Coordinator Inland and Sustainable Agriculture

Phone: (07) 4968 4215

Mobile: 0419 191 373

E-Mail: michael.boland@reefcatchments.com

Michael has over 14 years experience working in the agricultural and resource sectors in project management and advisory capacities as well as practical farming applications. Michael has a Bachelor of Applied Science and is passionate about sustainable agriculture, particularly in relation to our grazing lands.

Throughout his career Michael has liaised with a wide range of stakeholders including farmers, consultants, community groups, and government agencies.

Michael works with farmers in the Mackay Whitsunday Isaac region to facilitate improved sustainable agriculture.

Wendy Slater

Position: Senior Finance and Administration Officer

Phone: (07) 4968 4200

Mobile: 0429 033 541

E-Mail: wendy.slater@reefcatchments.com

In her role as the Senior Finance and Administration Officer, Wendy is responsible for accounting reporting functions and financial project management. In her previous position as an analyst she worked within the business and agri-business sector to provide support services for customer relationship executives. She also analysed financial information to support finance applications and for reviews of existing facilities.

Wendy has previously worked with small to medium businesses to provide accounting and taxation services. She managed and trained a team of students through to graduate accountants to deliver quality and accurate accounting services. These skills were transitioned across to audit services, which became her focus when she provided high quality services to the not-for-profit and local government sectors

Carlos Bueno

Position: Project Officer - Water and Waterways


Mobile: 0488 730 020

E-Mail: carlos.bueno@reefcatchments.com

Carlos holds a Bachelor of Science majoring in Forestry and Horticulture from Griffith University.
As the Project Officer for Water and Waterways team he will be working on the National Landcare Program Inland Sub-project and Reef Trust 4. He will also provide technical field support to the end of Catchments Loads Monitoring Program (DSITI) and the Marine Monitoring Program (GBRMPA).

Prior to joining Reef Catchments, Carlos worked as a Landcare Officer for Whitsunday Landcare Catchment. This role built on over three years experience in on-ground re-vegetation work, invasive species management, native plants identification and nursery coordination. Carlos’s key aspiration is to assist in societies transformation towards a more sustainable future.

Cass Hayward

Position: Projects Officer - Coasts

Phone: (07) 4968 4206

Mobile: 0429 155 841

E-Mail: cass.hayward@reefcatchments.com

Cass graduated from the University of Queensland in 2016 with a Bachelor of Environmental Management (Hons) and a Major in Natural Systems and Wildlife Management. She was born and raised in the Whitsundays, but has undertaken flora and fauna research in a number of regions throughout Queensland stretching from Fraser Island and SEQ through to Townsville. Her experience lies largely in natural resource management and coastal ecosystems. Cass has worked and volunteered for Reef Catchments’ Coasts and Biodiversity team in the past, during which time she produced Beach Plans/Local Coastal Plans for a number of beaches throughout the Mackay region.

As the Coastal Projects Officer, Cass is responsible for implementing the regional coastal program and participating in Coastcare and Marine Classroom events. She works closely with the local government and community stakeholders to improve coastal ecosystem outcomes and to deliver on state and national targets.

Deborah Wilkinson

Deb Wilkinson from Reef Catchments NRM in Mackay

Position: Administration

Phone: (07) 4968 4200


E-Mail: reception@reefcatchments.com

Deb is part of the Corporate Services Team and provides administrative support in the Mackay office. Deb has more than 20 years experience in administration.



Emily Wood

Emily Wood from Reef Catchments NRM in Mackay and the Whitsundays

Position: Project Officer – Pests and Weeds

Phone: (07) 4964 6121

Mobile: 0419 778 402

E-Mail: emily.wood@reefcatchments.com

Emily holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science and Management, with a background in conservation land management and applied sustainability. Over the last four years, she has actively engaged with the natural resource management sector through a number of paid and voluntary positions.

Prior to joining Reef Catchments, Emily worked as Program Support Officer for Conservation Volunteers’ northern NSW office. This role built on three years experience in on-ground invasive species management as a student volunteer coordinator for Adventure Conservation projects with Landcare and National Parks and Wildlife Services NSW.

As Project Officer of Pests and Weeds, Emily is responsible for supporting the development and delivery of Reef Catchment’s pest and weed management projects. She also represents Reef Catchments as Coordinator of the Mackay Regional Pest Management Group (MRPMG), working in partnership with regional stakeholders to achieve pest and weed management outcomes for the region.

Emma Carlos

Emma Carlos from Reef Catchments NRM in Mackay

Position: Technical Officer for the Mackay-Whitsunday Healthy Rivers to Reef Partnership

Phone: 07 4968 4208

Mobile: 0439 308 179

E-Mail: emma.carlos@reefcatchments.com

Emma is an environmental scientist with experience in flora and fauna monitoring and research, project management, tertiary teaching and environmental management. Emma holds a PhD in ecology, and over the last three years she has worked in a research role in northern Queensland, which has taken her across arid and tropical ecosystems.

Emma now works to coordinate the implementation of projects and the requisition and analysis of technical data required to deliver the Mackay-Whitsundays annual report card on waterway health and associated reports.

Ian Brooks

Position: Project Officer - Agriculture Extension and Data Management

Phone: (07) 4968 4225

Mobile: 0437 344 851

E-Mail: ian.brooks@reefcatchments.com

Ian has extensive experience in the sugarcane farming sector as a previous cane farmer in the Plane Creek Mill, South Johnstone Mill, and Tully Sugar Mill areas where he has been passionately involved with the implementation of innovative farming technologies to support the sustainable farming model. He also worked on the Silkwood Drainage Board to develop a farm drain sediment trapping system to reduce off farm sediment loss.

Since 2013 Ian has been working in agricultural advisory roles in Timor Leste and Mongolia to assist with their National Agricultural Development Programs. He holds a Bachelor Degree Agribusiness Honors from the University of Sydney.
Ian has joined Reef Catchments Mackay to work with landholders to assist with the challenges towards sustainable farming.

Jaime Newborn

Jaime Newborn from Reef Catchments NRM in Mackay

Position: Communications and Media Officer

Phone: (07) 4968 4213

Mobile: 0438 726 226

E-Mail: jaime.newborn@reefcatchments.com

Jaime works in collaboration with staff across all project areas to help raise awareness and understanding of the benefits of Natural Resource Management and to strengthen relationships in the wider community.

Jaime oversees all facets of corporate and project communications, including media and information dissemination, resources for print and online, events, education, web maintenance and the implementation of marketing and communication strategies.

Academically, she holds a double degree in Business and Journalism (QUT, Brisbane) and has worked extensively in communications and public relations across a range of industries, including as a former journalist and for companies in the rural and legal sectors.

Originally from the Mackay region, Jaime has a sound knowledge of the challenges and issues facing the area. Her strong appreciation of the local community and environment is accompanied by a passion for building knowledge and igniting enthusiasm around NRM activities that contribute to a more sustainable future.

Joanne Gibbs

Joanne Gibbs from Reef Catchments NRM in Mackay

Position: Senior Administration Officer

Phone: (07) 4968 4216

Mobile: (07) 4968 4228

E-Mail: joanne.gibbs@reefcatchments.com

Joanne provides support for administration and accounts with over 26 years of experience in the field.

Juliane (Julia) Kasiske

Juliane Kasiske from Reef Catchments NRM in Mackay

Position: Regional Landcare Facilitator

Phone: (07) 4964 6111

Mobile: 0488 730 021

E-Mail: juliane.kasiske@reefcatchments.com

Juliane has a Bachelor of Science (Earth & Environmental) and is enthusiastic about making a significant contribution to managing and protecting natural resources.

Prior to joining Reef Catchments, Juliane worked for seven years in an engineering consultancy where she liaised with a wide range of stakeholders including consultants, government agencies, landowners, and the general public. Site and survey fieldwork, data recording, AutoCAD concept designs, and report preparation were all part of her role as the Environmental Assessor. With regards to natural resource management, she was engaged in various paid and volunteering positions including mine rehabilitation, dune rehabilitation, maintaining and restoring native bushland, and fauna monitoring.

After moving to Queensland from New South Wales in late February 2016, she was involved with GRMPA Marine Parks before she started to work for Reef Catchments in June 2016 initially supporting the coasts and biodiversity sector. Since September, she has been working as the Sustainable Agriculture Project Officer, where she has been involved with sugar cane, grazing, forestry, fisheries, and horticulture industries. Juliane was able to build strong connections, and, together with farmers, promoted sustainable agriculture, and soil health, as well as improving water quality in the Mackay Whitsunday Isaac region. In February 2017, Juliane took on the role of the Regional Landcare Facilitator for the Mackay Whitsunday region where she will continue to support sustainable production within the five industries. Her focus will be on advising, facilitating, and coordinating various stakeholders in the planning and implementation of strategic projects and the promotion of NRM activities.

Mandy Jeppesen

Mandy Jeppersen from Reef Catchments NRM in Mackay

Position: Grazing Project Officer

Phone: 07 4968 4234

Mobile: 0407 171 046

E-Mail: mandy.jeppesen@reefcatchments.com

After completing a Bachelor of Agriculture Science at UQ St Lucia, Mandy worked for seven years at BSES Proserpine. During her time there she was Project Officer for the Rural Water Use Efficiency Project and Extension Officer for Proserpine Cane Protection and Productivity Board and Sugar Services Proserpine. In 2005 she became a Regional Sales Representative for Nufarm Australia, finishing in 2007. Mandy then accepted a role with Canegrowers Proserpine as PPC for the Reef Rescue Cane project until starting with Reef Catchments in 2016 as Grazing Officer.

Rochelle Atkinson

Position: GIS and Knowledge Management Officer

Phone: (07) 4964 6129

Mobile: 0437 741 418

E-Mail: rochelle.atkinson@reefcatchments.com


Rochelle provides GIS support across all Reef Catchments programs and activities. Rochelle has a BA in International Relations from UQ, and worked for three years as a Geospatial Analyst for the Department of Defence in Canberra. Rochelle is providing the project officers of Reef Catchments with advanced GIS support, covering everything from geospatial processing and modelling to basic mapping.

Stefanie Wabnik

Stefanie Wabnik from Reef Catchments NRM in Mackay and the Whitsundays

Position: Project Officer, Water, Waterways and Coasts

Phone: (07) 4964 6123

Mobile: 0409 677 117

E-Mail: stefanie.wabnik@reefcatchments.com

Stefanie has worked in the waterway industry for over seven years and has extensive experience in riparian system management. Having previously worked for the Melbourne Water Corporation, Stefanie has experience in planning, coordinating and delivering waterway, wetland (constructed and natural), estuarine and coastal environment improvement works within urban, peri urban and rural environments.

Stefanie’s professional qualifications include a Bachelor of Science from Melbourne University and a Graduate Certificate in River Health Management from Melbourne University. She has completed further studies in Lowland Wetland Ecology, Water Sensitive Urban Design and Habitat and Conservation Management – Coastal Ecology.

Stefanie delivers Reef Catchments urban program within the Mackay Whitsunday and Isaac region and coordinates Reef Catchments Coast and Biodiversity team. Working in partnership with Councils, NRM agencies and organisations and in collaboration with the community, Stefanie plans and implements urban stormwater improvements and coastal biodiversity objectives across the region.

Tegan McBride

Position: Project Officer - Sustainable Agriculture

Phone: (07) 4968 4226

Mobile: 0408 904 036

E-Mail: tegan.mcbride@reefcatchments.com

Tegan holds a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and postgraduate qualifications in Regional and Community Development. Most recently, Tegan was Reef Catchments Communications and Media Officer. In her new role as Sustainable Agriculture Officer, Tegan combines experience as a professional communicator with experience in small-scale agriculture and permaculture.

Vikki Stepan

Vikki Stepan of Reef Catchments NRM in Mackay

Position: Accounts Officer

Phone: 07 4968 4222


E-Mail: vikki.stepan@reefcatchments.com

Vikki, who has a Bachelor of Accounting degree,  spent 15 years in the automotive and mining sectors. She is experienced with all facets of the administration and finance processes.