Participate in Emissions Reduction Fund

Are you interested in participating in the Australian Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund?

There are a large number of steps and requirements to participate in the carbon market; however registered carbon ‘aggregators’ provide a one-stop-shop to participate, particularly for farmers and landholders who are interested in land sector abatement.

Verterra Ecological Engineering has a partnership with the carbon broker Corporate Carbon Solutions and has succeeded in obtaining registration for two aggregated carbon offset projects:

(1) Biodiversity plantings project
(2) Reforestation projects.

The latest Emissions Reduction Fund Auction was held on 4 and 5 November, 2015.

Here is an update of Verterra’s registered projects and details of how you can participate to generate an income from existing biodiversity plantings.

If you wish to register an Expression of Interest please download the Expression of Interest Form here.