Soil Health Field Day in April

Central Queensland Soil Health Systems will present the third annual Soil Health Field Day in April 26-27. If you’re keen to understand mechanisms to improve productivity, profit and sustainability then don’t miss it.

Dr Greg Bender will present his unique insight into the beneficial interactions between plants and soil microbes, integrating natural systems with modern farming, and the resulting better soils, landscapes and businesses.

Greg co-founded ASM (Australian Soil Management) in 2011, to provide individual programs to land managers. The latest scientific research is translated into soil management practices based on measurement and monitoring for productivity, profit and sustainability.

Dr Neil Wilson has confirmed his attendance this year as well, for those of you who don’t know, Neil comes to us from Sydney with a degree in ecology and a PhD in Molecular Biology.

Simon Mattsson a Marian sugarcane grower and soil health advocate said, “I first saw Neill speak at the National Biological Farming conference in Lismore last year and he certainly impressed me.”

Neil’s interest in bioremediation of contaminated soils, antibiotic resistance in pathogenic bacteria and genome sequencing of rhizosphere bacteria, will no doubt be of interest to many.

Measuring diversity of soil microbes to use in enhancing soil management practices has been critical in collaborations infield recently.

Someone you may be familiar with if you’ve attended recent soil health events is David Hardwick who returns to update us on his agricultural ecology knowledge, specialising in soil fertility.

Make sure you mark the date on your calendar and register your interest

RSVP SIMON MATTSSON – P: 0417 862 979

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