Forestry Feedback Wanted

Forestry ABCD Framework from Reef Catchments

The Reef Catchments forestry working group has completed the Native and Plantation ABCD Forestry frameworks and is seeking feedback from interested members of the community and industry.

These frameworks provide information on Degrading through to Aspirational practices that apply to both native and plantation forestry. Although the frameworks do not replace industry accepted codes of practice they do identify additional practices that may contribute to increased sustainability and innovation in the forestry industry.

In addition to timber production, the frameworks have been developed for agroforestry (e.g. trees and cattle) and for plantings that have been planted for carbon sequestration.

The draft frameworks will be available on the sustainable agriculture pages on the Reef Catchments website. If you would like to review the draft frameworks, or have an interest in forestry field days, or the forestry working group, please contact Reef Catchments, regional landcare facilitator, Robyn Bell.

The forestry working group is also keen to implement appropriate silvicultural regimes in forestry trials that are five years or older. If you would like further advice or management please contact Robyn Bell on 0488 733 121 or by EMAIL. 

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