Cane funding

bannerimage-3Ever wondered if there were small changes that could make a big difference to your farm’s operations?

There’s plenty of focus on practice change these days, but without the right support, information and funding it can be difficult to achieve.

Reef Catchments is currently putting the call-out to 250 new growers.

If you have always wanted to improve your efficiencies but are unsure about how to go about it, this round of funding could apply to you.

New funding is available to support cane farmers to take the next step towards practices that are above the industry standard.

Through Reef Trust 3 (RT3), growers will have support, advice and resources to improve nutrient and herbicide management and farm planning.

Focus will be on improving nitrogen use efficiency and reducing off- farm loss of nutrients and herbicides.

Funding provides cane farmers with: access to expert agronomic advice – $6000 value at no cost to the grower; $1500 for initial upgrades to specific equipment (listed opposite); and the opportunity to access major grant funding ahead.

What is provided under Reef Trust 3?

  • Access to expert agronomic support and advice – one-on-one farm extension services worth $6000 at no cost to the grower.
  • $1500 worth of upgrades to nutrient and/or herbicide equipment and or activities. This includes – EM mapping, soil testing, leaf analysis, G-dot, SIS, spray nozzles, spray tanks and modification of existing spray equipment.
  • Receive an assessment of current farming operations that ID’s potential areas of agronomic, environmental and economic improvement.
  • Development of nutrient and herbicide management plans for long term financial and land management gains.
  • Potential to secure major grants related to improved practice change in the areas of nutrient and herbicide management.

For full program details, download the Cane Reef Trust 3 flyer

Who to contact?

Growers should contact their local farm extension support representative for initial inquiries and to check your eligibility. We look forward to working with you.

Clare Lawson M: 0439 557 839 E:
Andy Humphreys M: 0407 334 141 E:

Natalie Fiocco M: 0408 849 902 E:

Sue Rowlinson M: 0438 787 295

Matt Schembri M: 0437 344 851 or P: 07 4968 4225 E: 

For Smartcane BMP registration assistance, contact:

Mackay and Plane Creek
John Eden, CANEGROWERS P: 0438 730 379 or 4944 2605

Reef Trust 3 is coordinated by Reef Catchments, with funding through the Australian Government Reef TrustPhase 3 Programme.