Working Dog and Advanced Livestock Handling Workshop

Neil McDonald together with Reef Catchments’ support is running his popular Working Dog and Livestock Handling Workshop in Balberra Mackay on 28, 29 and 30 September.

Juliane Kasiske, Landcare Facilitator of the Mackay Whitsunday Isaac region is supporting the workshop to enable graziers of the Mackay region and neighbouring Fitzroy to gain the necessary knowledge to become proactive regarding soil health and pasture management. Neil’s schools teaches working in a safe and efficient manner with the help of working dogs.

Graziers interested in attending the three day workshop are encouraged to bring along their dogs and swags. Reef Catchments is offering a $200 discount to the first 15 participants. To book, please contact Juliane Kasiske on 0488 730 021.

Grazier Rhys Daniels from Theresa Downs, Capella said “When I started down this path eight years ago, I wouldn’t suggest we had problems with livestock before, but the changes we made from what we learnt have made handling livestock far simpler, easier, safer, better for the animals, and more profitable.”

“Moving our mobs through our paddock rotations has become easy, one that has had a flow on effect with an improvement in our pasture management.”

Grazier Pat Lonergan from Clermont said “We started a rotational grazing programme about 18 months ago to try and improve our pastures and ground cover. Having cattle that are easy to handle has made this process work very well.”

In addition to Neil McDonald’s Workshop, Reef Catchments and Fitzroy Basin Association are running a FREE Networking BBQ Dinner on Friday, 29 September between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m., where local graziers can share their success using the adopted McDonald concept and where the conversation will have a focus on Grazing BMP.

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