Reef Catchments works with many volunteers to undertake critical rehabilitation actions and works within the region. Reef Catchments also undertakes the management of volunteer actions aligned to landscape rehabilitation through which it is able to engage with citizens keen to participate in community activities and to address human environmental and social needs.

Volunteering Opportunities

Would you like to volunteer at your beach or help out in the region? Go to our Coastcare and
Citizen Science pages to find out about our activities.

Sign up with our local conservation groups to remain informed and to keep up to date with their activities. They will provide you with various ways in which you can be involved.

Eco Barge Clean Seas.Eco Barge Clean Seas undertake regular marine debris removal trips and clean-up events out of Airlie Beach. Become a volunteer and add to their success of clearing more than 150,000 kg of marine debris from within and around the majestic Whitsundays Islands. Sign up at Eco Barge Clean Seas Inc..

Fauna Rescue Whitsundays.Every year hundreds of thousands of native animals are injured, orphaned, or become sick. Volunteers play a key role in wildlife rescue and care. Not only will you be learning new skills and helping animals in need, you can make new friends and create an enriching experience for yourself as well. If you’re able to lend a hand or give some of your spare time contact Fauna Rescue Whitsundays.

Landcare.There are three Landcare groups in our region. Each has its own volunteer events and hold excellent conservation and educational activities. Contact your local Landcare group today.
Whitsunday Catchment Landcare
Pioneer Catchment Landcare
Sarina Landcare Catchment Management Association

Mackay Turtle Watch.Mackay and District Turtle Watch collects data on turtles nesting in the Mackay Isaac region and relocates nests that are at risk of being unsuccessful. Contact Mackay Turtle Watch to become involved.

Wildmob.Wildmob takes volunteers on adventures to Australia’s most beautiful islands to save endangered species and to restore their habitats. To work with the best and brightest to address Australia’s most pressing conservation challenges contact Wildmob.