Eimeo June 14 2014

Volunteers were back at Eimeo this month, doing some follow-up weed removal after a group of enthusiastic kindy students tore through the site at the start of April. With the bulk of the Guinea Grass removed, our Coastcarers were able to focus on removing the garden escapees, and Urena Burr that remained at the site. […]

Blacks Beach Spit 14 June 2014

Volunteers continued their good work at our Coastcare site at Blacks Beach Spit. Continuing on from where they left off, our Coastcarers removed Guinea Grass further into the patch of beach scrub. With the drier weather, some of the larger clumps were beginning to die off, which is when they become a real fire danger. […]

Bucasia May 17 2014

Our Coastcare site at Bucasia is really coming along, with volunteers tackling a big stand of the garden escapees Mother-in-Laws Tongue, and Painted Spurge. Volunteers hand pulled Painted Spurge, and dug up Guinea Grass to be left on site to mulch down. But with Mother-in-Laws Tongue, all pieces had to be bagged up as any […]

Ball Bay May 17 2014

Mother of Millions was once again the target for Coastcarers at Ball Bay. Whilst the invasive weed continues to persist at the site, volunteers and staff have noticed the remarkable drop in the occurrence of the weed in the areas that they have been working in, which fuels their motivation to keep up the hard […]

Bucasia March 22 2014

Our second Coastcare Activity for the day saw volunteers removing Guinea Grass, and other weeds, before putting in around 150 plants at Bucasia Beach. The before and after of the site were truly amazing, transforming from a mess of weeds to what will be a band of healthy native vegetation into the future. The site, at […]

Ball Bay March 22 2014

Welcome to Coastcare for 2014! The weather forecast threatened us with rain, but our Coastcare volunteers were lucky and had perfect weather for removing out ‘favourite’ weed Mother of Millions (though unfortunately the mosquitoes liked the weather too!). Our first activity for 2014 went well, and the site is just looking amazing after a year […]

Bucasia Coastcare Week! Sat 7 December

Coastcare week! After another successful year of Coastcare, we once again rounded off the year with a Coastcare week event, and thank you BBQ at Bucasia. Volunteers planted up an area that they have been diligently clearing of weeds during the year (as well as removing more weeds, you just can’t stop these volunteers!), then […]

Haliday Bay November 16 2013

With Flatback Turtles nesting along our shoreline, community members came out learn about these amazing marine reptiles from the Mackay and District Turtle Watch Association. Fay and Helen described the life-cycles of our local marine turtles, as well as the role our coastline plays, as well as the way our behaviour impacts on them.

Ball Bay November 16 2013

Coastcare volunteers were out again on the weekend removing weeds from Ball Bay. Mother of Millions was once again the target, with continued vigilance the key in eradicating this invasive species. Plants were bagged up and removed form site, as this pesky plant has the ability to regenerate vegetatively from any piece left behind.

Coastcare Photo Competition!

Enter our Coastcare ‘What do you LOVE about the Coast?‘ photo competition!  There are some great prizes up for grabs, kindly donated by our sponsors, with both first and runner-up prizes to be awarded to the two (senior and junior) categories. Closing at 5 pm on Friday 29 November, there is just over two weeks […]