Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to work collaboratively with the community to improve the condition of natural resources while sharing in their derived benefits, with a focus on the sustainable management of the region’s natural resources (land, water, biodiversity, coasts, and marine assets).

We receive our funding through Federal and State grants and competitive government investment processes, and we also gain investment via private stewardship programs to deliver a range of consultancy services via both Reef Catchments and its subsidiary companies.

Our Vision

Work collaboratively with the community to improve the condition of natural resources while sharing in their derived benefits.

Our Values And Ideals

  • To maintain respect, honesty, and integrity
  • To ensure active community engagement
  • To support our people
  • To strive for continued improvement
  • To promote accountability and effectiveness
  • To deliver innovation and flexibility

Reef Catchment Strategic Initiatives

Stakeholder requirements

  • Efficient and effective provision of services to the regional stakeholders (i.e. ability to meet NRM plan targets and improve the resource condition of priority natural assets.)
  • Enhanced regional community interaction leading to improved sustainability.
  • Improved cost benefits from Reef Catchments operations.
  • Ability to maintain outcome delivery by maintaining revenue growth.

Reef Catchments business requirements

  • Expand the scope and scale of NRM operations and services by working with local, regional, state, national, and international partners to deliver world best practice in NRM.
  • Be financially strong and independent through a combination of core government funding, project based grants, registered fund donations and commercial investment.
  • Build an organisational environment that attracts and retains quality people.
  • Create an operating structure that is flexible, efficient, effective and accountable.
  • Identify, evaluate, develop and adopt innovative NRM operating technologies and practices.
  • Foster internal and external stakeholder relationships that build confidence and support future opportunities.

Our key role in the Mackay Whitsunday Isaac region is to:

Facilitate accelerated positive change in regional natural resource management actions via:

  • Educating and building capacity within the regional community to identify natural resource cases of concern and develop and implement both proactive and remedial actions for improvement.
  • Record and report on natural resource condition and its improvement to all stakeholders.
  • To improve community knowledge of NRM issues along with improving community capacity to deal with these issues, backed with our strong commitment to innovative and efficient service delivery.

    Mackay NRM regional summary map.

    Mackay NRM Regional Summary Map

Regional Summary:

The Mackay Whitsunday Isaac Reef Catchments NRM region covers a land-based area of 10,785 square kilometres and an ocean-based area of 49,616 square kilometres. The regional boundaries include the Pioneer-O’Connell and Proserpine catchments, which drain into the Great Barrier Reef lagoon. Sub-regions include Mackay, Sarina, Proserpine, and Airlie Beach.

Key natural resource management issues in the region include:

  • Pest management;
  • Fire Management in rangelands;
  • Habitat fragmentation;
  • Agriculture and grazing management;
  • Water quality and quantity;
  • Wetland and waterway management;
  • Coastal management; and
  • Island management.
  • Climate Change and GHG emission