CEO Message

Welcome to the Reef Catchments Website

Rob Cocco is CEO of Reef Catchments in Mackay Whitsunday IsaacsThe Reef Catchments challenge is about defining, implementing and monitoring more sustainable and innovative use of the natural resources of our region. This website articulates how we, Reef Catchments, together with our service support partners and stakeholders, team–up across communities, commodities and agencies to deliver to this challenge.

On this website viewers will see the services and projects of Reef Catchments. Through these services and projects, Reef Catchments aspires to meet the community need for improved natural resource conditions, to deliver cost effectiveness and efficiency for all our investors and community stakeholders, and to grow our business.

This website directly addresses and showcases the issues of sustainable and profitable use of natural resources across the region. In addition, we articulate in this website how we will respond to facilitating improved management of our natural resources in spite of challenges.

It is my hope that all stakeholders, with investment across this region, will see the benefits of our work via this website and work with us in delivering better outcomes for industry, commerce, environment and our community.

-Rob Cocco, Reef Catchments Chief Executive Officer